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Meet our Ambassadors

Investing in Lightyear means becoming part of a wider community. Our Ambassadors are driven by the Lightyear mission, excited by the business opportunity, and drawn to Lightyear One.

They are the driving force behind our progress and the impact we want to bring to the world.

Roland Schüren

Early customer (DE)

"I think the Lightyear solar car is a great fit into a regenerative world. Being independent and able to choose your own path is important for a customer like me, and Lightyear enables that. This is exactly the right thing for the future. It's a future-proof car."

Peter Arensman

Investor and early customer

"Next to several business activities, sustainability is a very important topic for me. Rowing is also my passion. I started a 3,000 km rowing trip, to collect money for my new charity, to find a cure for the muscle disease HMSN".

Jacques van den Broek

CEO of Randstad

"I was struck with the team, a young team and a team with a purpose. I also like the fact that it's Dutch and very innovative. I invested in Lightyear as a private person, as it connects well with my values as a person, but it also connects well with the values of Randstad."

Rob van Gansewinkel

Investor and early customer

"From an experience in solar races, Lightyear made the decision to develop solar cars for the public market. That’s something I really like. For me, that’s fearlessness and pure pioneering."

Mark Vletter

Co-founder Voys

“Lightyear One will cause a radical system change. In essence, Lightyear One is not just a regular car. It's a solar car, but also a solar power station on wheels. That means that you can take the electricity it collects everywhere.”

Bart Jansen

Pharmacist and car lover

“I think it's amazing that Lightyear partnered with an Italian design studio to develop and shape the car, to give the right feeling and usability.”

Cas van Arendonk

Co-founder Kirkman Company

“I don’t know what my first trip in Lightyear One will be, but I know what my last one will be. As long as I drive a car, I want to drive my Lightyear One. There will be new models and competitors, but the first car, the one that changed it all, I want to keep driving it until the end.”

Anne-Marie Rakhorst

Sustainability investor

“The first time I met people from Lightyear was at a debate about energy transition, in which a lot of people were telling each other how hard it was. Lightyear just went ahead and did it.”

Joost Ector

Early customer

"For me, Lightyear is Idealistic, a new start, a fresh perspective on mobility. A fresh perspective on how you should develop a car in the world of tomorrow".

What does it mean to be an Ambassador

As an Ambassador, you will join us and your fellow Ambassadors on our exciting journey. You will be:

  • part of a group of highly valued Ambassadors
  • invited to join exclusive member events
  • welcomed to speak out on the future of clean mobility
  • among the first to drive Lightyear One

Above all, you’ll be a driving force behind mobility revolution, with truly scalable electric vehicles that are free from the grid. An important movement, needed for both planet and people.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 848620