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Tech progress
November 12, 2020




In this stage our colleagues weld, rivet, clinch and bond the final contours of the prototypes. 

Our fully integrated dashboard structure contributes to:

  • Increasing the overall stiffness of the chassis, which helps reduce noise & vibration levels in the car. 
  • Transferring the user input more directly to the brake pedal and steering wheel. 

This enables us to improve the driving experience and passenger comfort of Lightyear One.

Creating the Body-in-White of Lightyear One
Working on the Body-in-White of Lightyear One
Engineers working on the elements of Body-in-White of Lightyear One

About Lightyear’s technology

As our world moves to more sustainable energy sources, Lightyear is driving the development of clean mobility in the automotive industry. By enabling electric vehicles to be scalable for everyone, everywhere, we will accelerate the sustainability transition and have a positive impact.

Our technology is engineered to enable a clean future. Starting from scratch and using a holistic design approach we developed an ultra energy-efficient long-range solar car.

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Lately we started with the Body-in-White (BiW) of our 2 new research vehicles.

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