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December 15, 2021

LeasePlan reserves 5,000 Lightyear Two cars to add to their fleet


LeasePlan reserves 5,000 Lightyear Two cars to add to their fleet

We developed the first-ever long-range solar electric vehicle in the world. Our first car, Lightyear One, is the first step towards clean and grid-independent mobility, thanks to its high degree of efficiency and bumper-to-bumper solar panels.

With preparations being on track to bring Lightyear One on the road this year, we started focusing on Lightyear Two, a more affordable solar electric vehicle that will be priced starting at €30,000.

As an international company, with a presence in 29 countries, LeasePlan is a valuable partner for us. After starting our collaboration in 2018, when LeasePlan committed to making Lightyear One available to its European market, this partnership will take our collaboration further. That’s why, starting from 2024/2025, their fleet of 1.8 million vehicles will grow with 5,000 Lightyear Two vehicles, the solar electric long-range cars of the future.

“Together, LeasePlan and Lightyear will deliver the world’s first solar-powered car subscription. We look forward to joining forces with Lightyear and putting drivers behind the wheel of some of the cleanest, most innovative EVs ever produced.” —Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan.

This collaboration is one on a long line of partnerships we announced this year. From NXP Semiconductors, to Valmet Automotive, Bridgestone, and Sibros — a lot of companies showed trust in us.

“Today's announcement is a testament to LeasePlan’s commitment to our product’s vision to make clean mobility accessible for everyone. LeasePlan has been a leading voice in the need to transition to clean vehicles. We join forces in bringing unique and truly sustainable cars to the market.”, said Lex Hoefsloot, founder and CEO at Lightyear.

The international leasing company reserved 5,000 solar electric vehicles from our up-and-coming model Lightyear Two, announced our CEO in a keynote speech and Q&A session.

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