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Scalable, grid⎯independent electric vehicles.

Investment opportunities

About Lightyear

Lightyear is a high-tech company developing long-range solar electric vehicles. Founded in 2016 by World Solar Challenge racing champions from the Eindhoven University of Technology and backed by industry veterans, it is our mission to provide clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

The problem

Research indicates that 30-50% of consumers today consider buying an electric vehicle, but the adoption rate remains low due to multiple (perceived) barriers. The automotive industry’s strategy so far has been to add more batteries in order to deliver more range, leading to increased weight, the need for high power charging stations, and increased CO2 emissions per vehicle. This need for a high power charging station is the reason why the adoption of electric vehicles is heavily constrained by the development of charging infrastructure.

Our solution

We do the exact opposite. With our technology, any power outlet in the world becomes a charging station. Our radical focus on energy efficiency delivers more range with less battery, reducing weight and CO₂ emissions per vehicle. With the optimised solar roof, this allows a user to drive for weeks or months without charging. Our approach is unique in the EV landscape. Due to the reduced need for charging stations, Lightyear offers a solution that can be adopted worldwide and can scale faster than current EVs. We can reach large parts of the global market, years before any other car manufacturer.

The most efficient electric vehicle technology on earth

Efficiency is in our DNA. That's why we are developing and co-developing components that are increasing overall vehicle efficiency. These components are motors, inverters, heating, cooling, aerodynamics, tyres, and batteries. This will make electric cars drive further, charge faster, move cleaner, and, in all aspects, make them more affordable.

Components developed by Lightyear and protected by IP include:

  •  Powertrain including in-wheel motors and inverters
  •  Thermal management system
  •  Solar roof and solar electronics
  •  Software architecture and user interface

Development of components such as the battery pack, the body in white, and the chassis is done in collaboration with our engineering partners. They are then integrated into our unique Lightyear vehicle architecture. Production of the components and final assembly of Lightyear’s vehicles is outsourced to highly specialised partners (solar roof excluded).

IP protected components

Our road to scale

Lightyear is on a mission to make clean mobility available for everyone, everywhere. To make a worldwide impact, we focus on scaling our business. We ramp up our products and technology to be available all over the globe, in high-volume.

Invest in the future of mobility.
Electric vehicles free from the grid.

Invest in Lightyear

Every cause requires energy and commitment to become reality. While people drive change, funding enables it. United with one goal, Lightyear and its investors can accelerate the transition to clean mobility for everyone, everywhere by a decade.

— EU, Swiss, and Norwegian citizens
— US accredited investors only
— Starting from €250,000 / $300.000
— Pre-production round

Lightyear is backed by a large group of driven investors. In addition to institutional investors, HNW and angel investors enable us to continuously grow our team and company.

You can participate through a convertible loan, which converts into certificates of shares, including accrued interest and with a discount on the share price.

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This investment offer closes 31 January.

Equity investment

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 848620

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